smart home, home integration, home automation

A smart home that is simply smart

How would it be if just by touching a smartphone or tablet key you could control all the devices of your home, wake up with your favorite music and coffee, get parcels while you’re in the office,  not worry about forgetting the light on or have the central heating inadequately adjusted? How about having a smart home?

What systems can we integrate?

With the ever-evolving technology, you can benefit from comfort-increasing systems that streamline consumption and reduce long-term expenses,  reduce your daily stress, and that really add value. All this is possible with quality products at variable prices depending on your budget and of course, integrated by professionals. Synergy offers different subsystems, which, integrated into personalized scenarios, schedule the house to meet your specific needs at any time of the day.
  • Light Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Humidity Control
  • Facility Control – Sauna, Pool, Jacuzzi
  • Audio-Video System Control
  • Automated Shades
  • Security & Surveilance
  • Access Control
  • Smart Locks
  • Media rooms
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Appliance Activating Scenarios
  • Solar Panels
  • CO, Fire, Flooding Detection Systems
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Alarm Systems

Flexibility for the future

Upgrade your apartment!

We know that choosing the perfect apartment can be extremely difficult. However, the home should represent you, be relaxing and provide the necessary comfort. To upgrade your apartment we propose energy saving, entertainment, alarm and general control systems.
smart apartmnet, smart home, home automation

Why risk?!

It’s not easy to decide on a smart home system. In order to be able to choose the right option, you have to take into consideration a series of criteria such as: the interior design of the dwelling, the budget, the infrastructure and, last but not least, the specific needs.The simplest is to turn to Synergy Software Engineering to guarantee the intelligent investment and system functionality in normal parameters.