The future is Electric. Prepare upfront.

Synergy Control Systems offers end-to-end EV charging solutions that can be fitted either at home, in the office or in public locations. Electric mobility focuses on sustainability, aspect which has lately been under the spotlight worldwide. With increasing environment downgrades, a plan for a greener future is more than necessary. While the electric aspect of transport is still under development to fully become green from all points of view, it does indeed contribute to lower consumption of natural resources and a better control over pollutants.

Choosing to go electric can turn out to be quite profitable on the long run and can also give you a totally new perspective over your lifestyle.

The charging stations are ideal for:

  • Apartment buildings and private homes
  • Workplaces
  • Commercial buildings
  • Private or Public Parking places
  • Retail, Hospitality & Car fleets
  • Transit and transport

See how much you have to invest in Electric Charging Systems

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